Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thanks for the mass response regarding my choice of a new phone. I received a shitload of emails on the subject, and I appreciate the help. Here are the results (sorry for the crappy margins):

1. BlackBerry Curve: 33
2. Motorola MOTO Q9c: 18
3. Palm Centro:14
4. BlackBerry 8830: 12
5. Palm Treo: 8
6. LG enV2: 5
7. BlackBerry 8130: 4
8. Samsung Glyde: 2
9. Samsung Alias: 2
10. BlackBerry Pearl: 1 (counting negative reviews as -)
11. Nokia E71: 1
12. Samsung Saga: 1
13. BlackBerry Storm: -12

• I surmised the first choice of emails describing multiple phones and used that for the results. Several emails that advocated another phone mentioned the BlackBerry Curve in a positive light.

• People who liked the Palm Centro REALLY liked it. The Curve received more votes, but Centro supporters seem seriously happy with this phone. That’s something I’ll take into account.

• Neither the Curve nor the Centro received a single negative review. The MOTO Q9c has numbers in the poll, but a couple of people really killed it. An example: “Worst phone I have ever used. Battery life is horrible. Web browser is slow and hard to use. Calendar application is worthless. The user interface is a pain. It is a consumer smart phone. It works fine if you’re a stay at home mom without much going on.”

• Nobody mentioned the Samsung Omnia or the HTC Touch Pro. This surprised me.

• I will not be purchasing a BlackBerry Storm. You people murdered it.

• The Muk Report checked in with this, which is probably what I’ll end up buying.