Friday, October 31, 2008


I love how Facebook is the place where bygones apparently become bygones.

In high school, this one guy had a nickname that wasn’t very flattering, but everyone called him by it. We weren’t friends. I called him by his nickname once, and he took a swing at me. I swung back and knocked him out. We’re now friends on Facebook.

This other guy once had me jumping through hoops to get a job working for him. I jumped through all of his hoops and didn’t get hired. We’re now friends on Facebook.

Another guy once hit me with a pitch in a baseball game and broke my little finger. After he did that, he yelled at me, laughed, and called me a pussy even though my finger was broken in two places. We’re now friends on Facebook.

Another guy spit at me once because I beat him at ping-pong. We’re now friends on Facebook.

Still another guy used to wipe himself off wherever you touched him and wipe it on his leg. You’d shake hands with the guy, and he’d immediately get rid of “it” on his pants. This was very strange. Facebook seems like the perfect place for him. We’re now friends there.

I’m wondering if the irony is intentional.