Monday, September 29, 2008


We’ll remember Yankee Stadium on a clear, crisp Sunday night in early autumn, where a mediocre team summoned one last winning effort in sending off a New York institution the way it deserved to be sent off – with dignity, grace, and the echoes of eras past resounding in the collective ear of an appreciative city.

We’ll remember Shea Stadium on a shitty, rainy September weekend, where a mediocre team shit the bed and tanked their way out of the playoffs for a second straight year.

How appropriate.

The Mets have always been a second class operation here in New York, but that’s sort of been the magic of being a Met fan, at least until this weekend. These past few days, by contrast, were just really fucking annoying. From the cheesy “Shea Goodbye” banners all over the park to an inappropriately happy and oblivious Mr. Met pulling the countdown sign off the centerfield wall after the final game, the whole scene royally sucked.

Thank God for politics. At least they care.