Thursday, September 04, 2008


Among other things that happened to me this summer, I had a fairly close friend end our association over $500. The story went like this:

I did some work for a guy. I was not paid for this work, nor did I ask to be paid for it. Another guy is usually involved in this work, and when he is, he gets a cut of the money I’m paid. This time around, the other guy wasn’t involved, and I wasn’t getting paid, so it was understood – or so I believed – that he wasn’t going to see any money.

How was this understood, you ask?

Because a third guy – my friend – assured me that things had been arranged this way.

So when the second guy came to me and asked for $500, I was a tad surprised. He hadn’t done any of the work, he’d supposedly agreed that he wasn’t getting paid, and he’d been told that I wasn’t getting any money out of the deal, so I was even more surprised when he called me a liar.

Before I told him to go fuck himself, however, I went to the third guy – my friend – and asked him what the problem was. He engaged in some revisionist history and told me he didn’t know what I was talking about – primarily because he wanted a business relationship with the first guy and wanted to cut me out of it.

So, having gotten hosed, I went back and told them both to go fuck themselves.