Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I’m done talking about my old job. I’m done being a little bitch about it, anyway. No matter how loudly I piss and moan about how I was right and they were wrong—I was, and they were, but who gives a shit?—they’re winning if I constantly devote bandwidth to it. It’s also taking up space in my head without rent money coming in, so it’s probably time to just let it all go permanently. I wouldn’t work there again, and they’re not going to ask me to come back—although I wouldn’t bet my life on that—so the best thing I can do is forget about it.

If it’s not too blatantly obvious, these posts are shots at my former coworkers because I know they’re reading—and they’d file harassment charges, or something, if I told them, in a way that’s on the record, how I feel. I know they’re looking because this blog has Statcounter attached. I can see who’s reading, and I can tag IP addresses. People from my old company check this site multiple times every day. I get about a hundred free IP views, but they hit it so frequently that their tags will always be somewhere on the list if I check during the day. This obviously fuels my motivation to insult them, because it’s not possible to do it directly—and assault is unfortunately still illegal in New York State.

Anyway, fuck that. There’s a lot more going on in the world—and in my life—that’s more interesting, and more entertaining to read about, than this shit. It was a no-win situation, I beat my head against the wall for far too long, and now it’s done.

The plan is to ease my way out of writing about that shit now. My life is going really well. I’m doing a lot of different things for work—stuff that interests me—I’m in a relationship, I’ve settled a lot of the family issues I’d been having over the past several years, and I’m extremely motivated. None of this comes across with all the negativity inherent in all the job posts, and I realize that.

I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of it until I sit here and start writing about it. Once that happens, I start getting pissed off—and the whole situation is ridiculous, because in reality, I made some dumb career decisions and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities I’ve had. My fault. Won’t happen again. Seriously.

I’m going on vacation tomorrow—i.e., going away, as opposed to making some kind of “goodbye cruel world” declaration to explain why I’m not writing anymore. I’ll stop the negative bullshit by writing about what happens while I’m away. I’ll also stop being so fucking cryptic, because that’s annoying, too. Maybe I’ll even post some vacation photos if I see anything worthwhile. Who knows? Either way, I’ll just keep doing this and see how it goes.