Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zero, Redux

Overheard at the wake:

Son of The Deceased: “Thanks so much for coming.”

Me: “Thanks for having me.”

What, exactly, was I trying to accomplish here? I’d like a do-over on that one – a mulligan, if you will – just like I’d really love to do yesterday over, as well. I made an ass of myself yesterday. We won’t get into that right now, though. Just suffice it to say I needed a holding call, or maybe a false start, and I needed for the defense to accept the penalty so I could play the damned down over. I have no problem with first-and-fifteen. It’s still a fresh set of downs.

In fact, I am doing yesterday over. It’s called today. I know I said yesterday was Day One of this little program of mine, but I kind of lied. Or maybe I didn’t. I don’t know. What I do know is that I ran into that little snag again yesterday, and it distracted me enough to not want to call yesterday Day One.

So today is Day One.

This will get better, I promise. I’ll have my head out of my ass by the end of the week.