Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This is a nice idea, but it makes me wonder how many “douchebags with Hummers” Maureen Dowd actually knows in real life.

I know plenty, and they’re not giving up their Hummers, WaveRunners, speedboats and home theaters without a fight, and they’re certainly not about to be nursed through their “affluenza” by President Obama – a guy they wouldn’t have voted for in a million years.

I remember working for my uncle’s company, delivering high-end (read: monumentally wasteful) furniture to these people and saying to the guys I driving with, “You know, someday this kind of spending is going to bite these people in the ass when the rest of the world gets sick of looking at it.”

For the rest of us, it’s really funny – I mean f-ing hysterical – to hear these slapdicks in a state of panic over their expenses.