Friday, February 27, 2009


So, I guess I’ve let this site lapse long enough. I don’t really want to lose my entire – now quite modest – readership, so I’m going to start posting on here fairly regularly again. I’ve said this before, though, so we’ll see what happens with that.

The ironic thing here is that if you don’t see me posting here very often, it means I’m doing a lot of writing in other capacities. I have an article coming out in the New York Post soon, along with some other things I’ve sold recently, and I’ve been doing a lot of corporate writing work in my spare time – copywriting, editing and that sort of thing.

This means writing is actually making a contribution toward paying my bills, which is a very good thing, because writing is easier than most of the shit I've gotten paid for in my life.

As I’ve said before, I’ve really been trying to phase bouncing out of my life once and for all, and I’ve pretty much managed to do that. I’ve got two semi-regular bouncing gigs going right now, both of which can be classified as “favors for friends.” Nothing serious, and nothing I actually give a shit about, although we did have a bit of a controversy the other night when some jackass managed to get his head wedged in between two cars. I also walked a guy down to the corner and told him he was “gonna get his arms ripped off” if he kept yelling at one of the other guys I work with. Those things are still fun sometimes.

This past week, I also was quoted as saying, “Clubs are so 2005.” I liked that I said that.

As far as everything else goes, I still hate crowds, loud noises and people who can’t walk at a constant speed, so nothing’s really changed for me there. I’ve also been reading a lot lately – more than usual – so I’ll eventually get around to one of my reading lists if anyone cares.

Other than that, I can and do write about other shit. You’re just not seeing it here yet, but you will pretty soon. Thanks for all the emails. I’m getting older, but I’m not dead yet.