Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sui Generis

One of the reasons I rarely ever read blogs, and never really have, is because most blogs are written by people who live solely in their own minds. Stating the obvious here, people with blogs write only about themselves. Too often, there’s a massive barrier between the writer’s mind and his surroundings, and the resultant product is skewed beyond recognition. This is fine if you’re interesting, but most people aren’t.

There aren’t many people in the world whose lives are interesting enough for me to want to read about what transpires in the confines of their minds for any sustained period of time. Looking at things from an external perspective, I certainly wouldn’t qualify as a member of this group. My daily life, and the things I think about, simply wouldn’t be interesting enough to hold my attention were I in the market for something to read regularly.

Last night’s post on this site is a perfect example of this. It’s yet another stunning specimen of the “Who Gives A Fuck?” genre that’s rendered personal blogging essentially obsolete and irrelevant.

In other words, I’m getting kind of tired of waking up in the morning, reading something I wrote the night before and saying, “Man, you need to start posting shit in the morning when your publish-button-governor is turned on.”