Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I’ve received a handful of thoughtful emails today suggesting I “go back” to writing about nightclubs and Guidos. These sorts of emails come in now and again, with the general idea that the original appeal of the blog stemmed from readers’ collective hatred of the Guido Phenomenon and everything that went along with it.

The blog served, for longer than I’d care to admit, as a sort of clearinghouse for everything that was wrong with the whole New York Guido scene – which was, in fact, pretty much everything, since there was really nothing right about any of it.

It also served as a monument for my own inability to improve my own lot in life, at least at the time.

I’ll say this much. I still work as a bouncer – there’s that “needing the money” issue again – so in all probability, I’ll be running afoul of the occasional Guido. In fact, I’ll likely run afoul of one or more this coming weekend. When this happens, I’ll be happy to write about it. I mean, let’s face it – the fountain of Guido material never shuts off.

That said, the whole Guido immersion deal isn’t going to happen again. As they say in the nightclub business, “Fuck THAT.”