Saturday, February 18, 2006

Heavy Lifting

Thanks to Stuart, who brought this to my attention....

Read this post.

Now read this one.

Dude, come on. Are you kidding me? If you're going to plagarize, here's how you have to do it:

1. At least plagarize a good post. That post, relatively speaking, was not good. I wrote it in about fifteen minutes, and barely even looked it over before publishing.

2. Don't make the writing worse! Again, that post sucked, but you made it suckier!

3. And you know me, I'm not going to say a whole bunch of stupid shit about how I'm contacting lawyers and all the crap, because I'm obviously not, but why would you want to take the chance? See, I have no idea what the laws are regarding this sort of thing, and I don't think that dopey Creative Commons icon means anything, but do you really think it's wise, in a legal risk-taking sense, to blatantly republish something written by a HarperCollins house author? I mean, really. Those guys are like one of the "Five Families" or something.

Your blog is your blog. The purpose of having a blog is to write down your thoughts. You liked that post? Think it's a fun thing to put on your blog? Go ahead! By all means! But where's the enjoyment in copying sentences verbatim? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a blog in the first place?