Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Business

1. Blog Problems: Suffice it to say that I could very easily, and very effectively, respond to the recent delusional nonsense posted about me on the internet. A vivid imagination can be a wonderful thing, unless it's maliciously directed at you. Believe me, I'm sorely tempted to offer an accurate verson of events, but will simply ask people to consider the source, and leave it at that.

See, when people attack, I'd love to fire back and blow them the fuck out of the water, but I can't. They're holding the ultimate WMD: my anonymity. So I don't, much as I'd like to. It runs entirely counter to my nature to allow people to fuck with me, but I've placed myself in this position by having this blog, and opening myself up to shit like this, so I have to swallow it. A small price to pay for what this blog has given me, I suppose. For more, I refer you to this post, where I discuss these concepts in further detail.

A lesson learned, which can be imparted to anyone in my position: once your blog is "discovered," be very careful with whom you associate. Trust your instincts. If a situation looks unsavory, it's because it probably is, and there's no point in trying to put a shine on it.

2. Weekend Festivities: A big gay blog "shout out" goes out to a few good "real life" friends of mine. Mike, for his usual not-quite-gracious yet not-quite-inconsiderate hosting of my visit. Jim, for the very interesting tour of gentrified South Boston and its bars, and Rich, for accompanying us on a sort-of fun night out in Jamaica Plain.

3. Meetup: You see Dan Tobin walking down the street. How do you know it's Dan Tobin? Because his picture is all over his blog, of which I've been a fan for nearly two years, and you know it's Dan Tobin walking down the street from two blocks away. So you duck into a bar, have a few beers, and find out the guy's exactly what you'd expect from reading his blog. Cool guy. I wish I hadn't been so hyped up on Red Bulls and coffee -- to counteract my hangover -- because I probably talked too much and monopolized the conversation. Dan, however, was a nice enough guy to humor me, and for that I'm thankful. Trust me Dan, I'm usually not so yappy.

4. Meetup #2: Another big gay blog "shout out" goes out to Mike P. Good seeing you again, buddy. Thanks for the booze and the history lesson. If you're ever in NY again, make sure to let me know.