Thursday, January 12, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I had a few situations to take care of over the past several days, and I've been spending most of my free time working on the book. I suppose I really shouldn't refer to it as "free time," in this case -- I am getting paid for this now -- but you catch my drift. Something always has to give, and in most cases, it's gonna be the blog -- the hand that first fed me, of course. Loyal to the end, that's me.

I've wanted to properly thank everyone for the incredibly generous amounts of time and effort you all put into advising me on making a proper notebook choice. I still haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet, but I'm leaning toward the purchase of what one emailer referred to as "The Toyota of Laptops" -- the Dell Latitude D610. The price is well within my range, it's likely more computer than I'm ever going to need, and it's a Dell, which, from everything you've suggested, is more good than bad.

I'm still bouncing, still working the door, and it still blows cock -- most of the time. New Year's Eve was a major financial disaster. Since the entire place was reserved for the evening, I figured, in my infinite wisdom, that I'd be all set up to make a fortune at the front door from all the unfortunate shut-outs who'd be trampling each other for the privilege of bribing me with Franklins.

As it turned out, management decided they needed one less bouncer at the door that night, and yours truly just happened to be the odd man out. So, as you people counted the shit down, made your toasts, and did your thing, I, your celebrity blogmaster/author/bon vivant, was pinned in a corner with some Guido's ass grinding against my thigh. I believe my first words of 2006 were something to the effect of, "Yo, gimme some fuckin' room, please." Lovely to be an "inside guy" again for a night. Remind me to quit the next time they pull the rug out from under me like that.

Circumstances conspired to keep me from having my "big night out" last Friday, and so I remain sober. Sober as a judge. That could change this weekend, however. Stay tuned.

And does anyone know what the fuck that smell is? Go from the main Long Island Railroad terminal in Penn Station to the base of the stairs to the Uptown #1 train platform and tell me what the fuck that stench is, and why it won't go away. Are the Mole People still around?