Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here’s what happened.

Someone very, very, very, very close to me was diagnosed with cancer, and I went off the deep end because two other people who were very, very, very, very close to me have died from cancer over the past 16 years. I erroneously started focusing on something that had nothing to do with this person’s troubles. I did that because this person, who cares about me more than anyone else in the world, chose to focus on that other something instead of her own situation – and that led me to do the same.

I just spent the last several hours hanging out with this person and talking, and there has been a shift.

Some people wait until Monday to begin an exercise program, or the first of the month to start a diet. I’ve never been like that. I’ve never needed milestones to start anything. She does, though. She’s always been like that.

“Let’s just get out of July, man. Let’s just focus on getting to August.”

And we will. Fuck you, July. Eat a dick.