Monday, January 28, 2013


I learned this past weekend that not everyone needs—nor wants—my version of a pep talk when things go sideways. It’s traumatic to learn that you’re about to lose your job—even, or maybe especially, when the job you’re losing comes with a very high salary and your employer gives you six months to find something else. If this happens to someone you know, and you really want to help, don’t say this:

“Honey, I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning with your problems.”

Instead, realize that everything is relative, and that that precise moment isn’t the best time to be a royally insensitive boob—i.e., if you’re me, the idea is to not say exactly what you’re thinking every single time.

My goal for this year, even if it kills me, is to finally achieve some degree of tact. I swear I will.