Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Night

Something good happened in my life the week before last, so I decided to just start walking. I began in Midtown and proceeded south, down 7th Ave., cutting through the West Village until I found myself on Houston.

I still don’t know why I went this way, but I made a right on Elizabeth, walked south a few blocks, and ended up here.

I walked in, had a shot of whiskey, and ordered the $50 haircut and shave. This was the most I’d ever paid for a haircut, but I wanted to see what would happen and how it would turn out. I was very happy. I tipped the barber $20 and put myself on their mailing list. I resolved to pay better attention to both my grooming and mode of dress. I’ve kept that resolution for over a week. This is good.

I then continued south on Elizabeth and ended up here, drinking Newcastle and telling my life story to a bartender with an odd name who played good music – heavy on the Replacements - on an iPod and bought back every other round.

After that, I walked for a while and ended up here, where I drank dark beer, ate a liverwurst sandwich and cursed at a drunk guy who called me a tourist.

Finally, I ended up here, where I dumped $20 into the jukebox and played a mélange of Soundgarden songs that earned me more free beer.

Then I went home.