Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I ate at the sushi buffet tonight. Typically, when I eat at the sushi buffet, I order green tea and a glass of water. Then I get my first round of food. With my first round of food, I'll often eat mussels. Today, I had a hard time removing one mussel from its shell. So hard a time, in fact, that it somehow detached itself from my fork and landed in my cup of green tea.

I needed the green tea because I was drowsy. I didn't want to drink green tea with a mussel at the bottom of the cup, so I fished the mussel out of the cup and reconsidered my position. I can eat mussels and drink green tea at the same sitting. I could even, conceivably, wash down a mussel with a sip of green tea. I can't, however, drink green tea with even the hint of a fucking mussel at the bottom of the cup. This probably makes me some kind of bad person, but I don't care.

I didn't drink any green tea tonight.