Friday, August 27, 2010


I have no desire to explain why the last three posts I wrote appeared on this website, so for the people who wrote in asking - surprisingly enough - I won't be offering any clarification on that one. Thank you, however, for your good wishes. I really don't need them, though, because the "incident" that spurred the aforementioned posts was precipitated by my own lack of patience, discipline, self-respect and respect for others. I haven't deserved anyone's sympathy in over four years, so I'll politely say thank you and suggest you offer those sentiments to someone who actually deserves them.

As for me, I'm fine. For the first time in quite a while, I'm really fine. My job is going well, I'm starting to get back into halfway decent shape - with serious, specific goals in mind - my financial situation is on a nice little upswing, and most of the basics are going very well.

I just need to take some time out for myself to handle some interpersonal issues that have clouded my judgment, caused me and others some major distress and unnecessarily alienated me from a couple of people - one, in particular - who didn't deserve the ass end of my insecurities and resentments.

I have no right to complain anymore. It's simply been done to death.