Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I broke up multiple fights tonight and threw multiple people out. This was rather strange for a Tuesday night, but I’m glad it happened because I needed to be tested. I needed to be tested because I’ve been acting like a pussy lately, and maybe, somewhere in the back of my mind, behaving like a pussy for an extended period of time has made me wonder whether I really am a pussy.

This has nothing to do with bouncing.

So I was tested tonight, and I passed. At Point A, I was standing at the door feeling sorry for myself. At Point B, I was standing up to a coked-out jackass so he wouldn’t try to go back inside and get himself killed. Somewhere between the beginning of Point A and the conclusion of Point B is when the important part happened – the part where I remembered who the fuck I am, and what sort of behavior I won’t accept from myself.

Sometimes it takes throwing around a Guido to let you know you’re still alive.