Thursday, January 25, 2007


Two things today:

1. I was not announcing my retirement in yesterday's post. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know by now that I write shit like that here all the time. Bonus points to anyone who remembers my pre-popularity two-month hiatus in late 2004. I've gotten tired of doing this before, and I've always been back. People shouldn't take me so seriously.

I'll still be posting stories from the club, because I'm still bouncing. All I was stating was that after three years, I wouldn't mind concentrating on something else for a change. This something else is intended for print and not for blog purposes. It's going to take some work, with the idea being to get paid for it. On the blog, I'll still be pumping out bouncing stories because this, after all, is the "bouncer's blog." With the book coming out, it'd sort of be counterproductive to stop doing that. I plan to continue doing the job for a while, and stupid shit will keep happening, so rest assured you'll continue to hear about it.

2. Attention New York bar/club owners and managers: If you are in need of a very attractive, highly personable and experienced female bartender, please email me and I will provide you with one. A very good friend of mine is looking for multiple shifts somewhere in either Manhattan or Brooklyn. As a frequent customer of hers, I can attest to her professionalism, speed and large "following." She also has a cool accent, which should be a bonus.

And no, this is not attempt to curry favor in order to get laid. This girl is an actual friend, and not a member of my blog-chick-of-the-month club. I'm making this request as a sincere effort on behalf of someone I think very highly of and would happily vouch for personally. If you're interested, please email me at the address provided on the right side of this page, or contact me on MySpace.