Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This site is going to be as dead as a doornail until Monday, November 27th. I'm up against a major deadline for the book, and I'm not going to have time to post anything of "note" here until then. Keep checking in, I guess, because I might throw up some quick shit during the day -- if anyone's even interested -- or I'll post some interesting links (Code.tv-type shit, like I've been putting up) if anything good comes my way.

In the words of my amazingly patient editor, I'll be "cranking it out" until then, so don't expect anything earthshattering here for another week or so. Just to keep people updated, the book was delayed for a few months because of some personal issues -- I'll be keeping those to myself, thank you -- but everything is back on track for a March 2007 publication date.

Now leave me the fuck alone so I can turn the damned thing into something you'll actually want to buy.