Friday, November 10, 2006


I'd like to thank my friend Joe DeFranco for his hospitality during a recent visit I made to his amazing facility in Wyckoff, New Jersey. If you're any kind of high level athlete, Joe is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and I'd strongly advise you to look him up if you want him to make you a lot of money or help you get a free education. You can look at his website here.

Additionally, there is only one place that will ever get my business when it comes to lifting and training, and it's Elite Fitness Systems. I've been a customer of Dave Tate's for several years now, and I intend for that relationship to continue until I stop training -- which will likely coincide with the point in time where I'm very cold, and very deep under the ground. I have never, ever in my life experienced customer service that's anywhere even close to what I've gotten at EFS, and if you ever need to purchase anything fitness-related -- or are simply looking for advice and information from the absolute best in the business -- this is the place to go.

This is not advertising. These people are my friends. Joe and Dave have been hooking me up with advice and free shit for years -- a process that started long before I ever had a forum from which to sing their praises. If you want to know how to train properly, read the articles on both of these sites and you'll never need a personal trainer again.

You can read an article I've written about both places here.

Click here and look at the second question on the page for an explanation of the "hammer curl" joke in my article.