Monday, August 13, 2007

This Week

Book Signing: Once again, if you want to watch me be really, really uncomfortable for forty-five minutes, then stand in line for my autograph, come down to the Barnes & Noble on 6th Ave. and 22nd St. in Chelsea on Wednesday at 7 PM. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do at this thing – they’ve told me nothing – so coming to witness this shit should be akin to watching NASCAR. Or viewing an abortion. Or something to that effect.

This is pretty good, too…

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m having some sort of “after-party” following the signing, which is very funny to me because I have to work the next morning. This is because, even though everyone seems to think getting a book deal entitles one to a life of leisure and grape feedings, I still, from time to time, feel these uncontrollable urges to continue making a living.

So, I may or may not go out afterward. I have a funny feeling, however, that my big “book release party” might consist of me sitting on a LIRR train by myself sipping a Bud tallboy and reading the paper. Trust me, nobody's standing in line to throw me one.

In fairness, if I do end up going somewhere, it’ll be here, so if you’re in the neighborhood and want to stake it out, there’s a chance I’ll end up staggering in around ten or so.