Thursday, August 09, 2007


I’m going to be cryptic for a while, but I don’t care much if it bothers anyone. Don’t be concerned with particulars here. Mind the generalities, think about what I’m saying, and ask yourself how it all pertains to the world around you on a larger scale.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a newspaper article. This article wasn’t written about me. It was about some people I know, and some people with whom I’ve “done business.” Because I know these people, and know them well, I was privy to the “real” story of what happened – the one that wasn’t printed in the newspaper.

What was printed in the newspaper was a glowing account of one man’s good fortune.

What wasn’t printed in the newspaper was the negative effect of this man’s good fortune on dozens of others whose lives were made considerably more difficult as a result.

What was printed in the newspaper was a prediction, of sorts. The writer of the article told us something was going to happen, and that this something was going to be positive for everyone involved.

What hasn’t been printed in the newspaper is how absurdly far off the mark this prediction ended up being. What actually happened turned out to be the diametric opposite of what the writer had forecast.

What’s printed here is how fucking pathetic it is that nobody at said newspaper cares enough to get it right.