Monday, April 15, 2013


Folks who talk for a living are easily confused.

The only people surprised when professionals run toward danger are narcissistic Little Lord Fauntleroy types who’ve never done anything courageous in their lives. Sure, running into the scene of an explosion without knowing whether another bomb’s about to go off is heroic beyond measure, but it’s myopic as fuck—and more than a touch offensive—for so many media professionals and celebrities to judge the rest of the world by their standards and act as though it’s a miracle such people “still” exist.

They’re everywhere. You just don’t give a shit about them until you need them. The rest of the time, you’re hoping they just stay out of your way. Thank them, pray for them, and be amazed by them—but don’t act as though their existence is a mystery and their behavior is something you thought was bred out of our society. They’re why you’re still permitted to breathe.

Otherwise, there’s no real lesson to be gleaned from this, unless we’re talking about heightened security measures every time human beings gather in crowds in places where people have rights—or maybe when we learn about some new group who considers the killing of civilians a fair exchange for an “offensive” cartoon or national requirements to pay one’s taxes and register one’s motor vehicle.

Beyond that, stop throwing around shitty words and phrases like tolerance, understanding, and “stopping the hate,” because these other assholes—no matter who did this, foreign or domestic—have no problem offending everyone else.

And yes, some people find explosions and killing more offensive than the spoken word. Shocking.