Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi Everyone.

For the (now very) few of you who’ve hung in there checking this site every day for, well, something, I have some news for you. Of course, if you’re familiar with all my false starts here, you’ll take this with an understandable grain of salt, but I’m going to start writing here a lot more – about just about anything and everything.

Why? Because I’ve spent a couple of years now writing solely for work, and I want to start branching out again and seeing where things lead. I’ve become something of a “professional” – notice the quotes – in this “business,” but I’ve fallen into a rut where I just go to work every day, do the same thing for ten hours, and go home. There’s obviously nothing wrong with this, and I’ve been doing that, more or less, for my whole life, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I’m ready to do more. I’m also quite capable of doing a lot more.

And yeah, I’m fucking thrilled to death to have a job, but I’m tired of falling back on that as an excuse to not be dissatisfied. People are doing shit despite the way things are. They’re putting out books, they’re making movies and they’re making money, because they’re taking risks and not paralyzed by the lack of self-confidence that’s been murdering me for the past few years.

So, consider this an introductory post for an entirely new chapter in my career – one where I actually get off my ass and do something. That’d be kind of nice, wouldn’t it?

I’m tanned, rested and ready to roll.