Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Friends

These people are my "friends" on MySpace. I turn down a lot of people on MySpace. This is counterproductive, but I do it anyway because I am a self-sabotaging jackass most of the time, as evidenced by my performance in most, if not all, relationships with women. In any case, these people somehow became my "friends."

I'm taking a blog entry to list these people because this site is in the business of entertaining you. I'm also doing this because these people are guilty of something I can't understand, no matter how hard I've tried: They incessantly send "bulletins," throughout the day and night, in what seems like fifteen minute intervals. I don't know what the purpose of these bulletins is, because I don't read them. Actually, that's bullshit. I read some of them. I'm admitting I read some of them because the things this guy sends out are occasionally very funny. He sends me pictures like this and this.

This guy claims to be an "author," but hasn't sent out a grammatically coherent bulletin since I added him. Once, after a night of drinking, I came home to find four straight bulletins from him, each more disjointed than the last. I wrote and told him that beating him up would make me feel good. He never wrote back. Make sure you check out the video on his page. I could devote an entire post to him. Here is an example of his work, from a bulletin he sent out at least a half-dozen times last night:

"Actors and actresses who don’t follow instruction have lost chances to be cast in ‘SECRETS KEPT’ the movie… Send faceshot & resume to this address to be consider for ‘SECRETS KEPT’ the movie. If I think you are right for the part, I’ll fight for you. NO PROMISES BUT I’M THE CREATOR OF THE STORY…. Too cheap to waste postage then you are too cheap to be in the movie…"

This girl's pictures are rather disturbing, as are her frequent life updates. I don't mind having people like her as "friends." I just with they'd stop sending me so many bulletins.

There are many more, but I haven't time for this right now.