Thursday, April 06, 2006

On the road III

The only thing I have to say about being out of the northeast is that it's rather nice to be able to walk into a bar, or to go to a baseball game, or down the street, without having packs of jerkoffs staring me down and sizing me up. When you leave New York, you leave all that noise behind. There's no more posturing, at least not on the levels we're subjected to daily back home, and you're free to just do your thing and be left alone.

It's not like that in New York, especially when you're a tad larger than the average person. Everyone's constantly eyeing you up. Assessing the threat. It's bullshit, and it's a horrible way to go through life, but it's reality back there. Ask anyone. Some form of palpable hostility is always in the air there wherever you go, and it's just not fun, and that's why everyone in New York looks like they're walking around with a stick up their ass.

Where I am right now, it's live and let live. Nobody's up your ass. Nobody cares what you're doing. I walked into a gym and paid the daily rate yesterday, and instead of squaring off with me, the "trainer" behind the desk -- who was appreciably larger than me -- pleasantly asked what had brought me to the area, and whether I was enjoying my stay thus far. No posturing, no bullshit, and no staredown -- and if you're familiar with gym "culture" in NY, you'll know how refreshing that must've been.

Would I ever move here? Probably not, but I sure as hell wish I could bring some of this relaxation back with me.