Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've been "OWNED"

I'm so happy I started a MySpace page:

Subject: fuck you
Body: im going to slit your fucking throat, you'd best watch ur fuckin back

all you can do is block doorways os u so fatm ugky and useless. If IU was your mum i was would have fuckin aborted you yiou fuckin pieve of worthless shit

I hope you die u cunt

To which I responded with this: (edited version)

Subject: RE: fuck you
Body: Do the world a favor and slit your own throat, you piece of chav scum.

You're going nowhere. You're illiterate. You hide behind the internet and become obsessed with other illiterates. Your life will be a miserable failure. You'll never be able to hold down a job. People don't like you. You're very ugly.

You have no hope of carrying out any of your threats because you've never done a days' work in your life. Somebody will eventually kill you because your mouth is too big, and you've never had the balls to say anything to anyone in person, so you don't know what can happen to you.

It must suck to be a piece of shit chav with no future, a borderline (mentally challenged) IQ, and no hope.

You want to slit my throat, huh? I'll give you my address you fucking (Ozzie Guillen-esque slur). Come on down.

And why do people from England listen to rap, anyway? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT.

How does it feel to be a helpless (mentally challenged slur)?

Which elicited this:

Subject: RE: RE: fuck you
Body: Good lord. So just because Midnyte swears Mid's ass off he is a dickriding hip hop faggot. Just by that response alone, Mid sees you are a worthless nobody who is not worthy of such an intelligent response by the 'Sinister One'. You cannot even see my page dicknose, so how thw fuck do you know what Mid listens to in his spare time? Homeless piece of shit

Now listen you infernal no mark fuck - Mid has no need to acknowledge in anyway your asinine drivel. So do not send The Sinister Minister three different fucking replies in the course of a week. A word of advice to you shitburger: Mid has logged into MySpace since and acknowledged some of his messages. So when Mid logs in and ignores puny drivel from little people like you, it does not mean 'Sinister' has not seen it, it means 'The Minister' has better things to do then listen to cockslobbering bollocks by some herb named Robthebouncer. The fact that Mid ignored your unsavoury drivel for over a week until she felt she was patient enough to deal with a worthless bumbaclat known as a 'bouncer', and yet you still harangued the 'Sinister One' with your droning nonsense over the course of a week displays the fact that you are worth neither a reply nor any further attention from Mid, escially as The Sinister One has a real career as a prognosticator of wisdom and dos not have to guard soe two bit joke of an amanetiy namd 'Guido's', becaus eyou are neither intelligent nor articulate enough to do anything else than stand in front of a door. Shit! If Mid hadn't seen you were such a homeless piece of shit, Mid would not have take the liberty of owning your ass whenever possible. Now put your crack down you reptard

Mid has lived abroad - Italy, France, Africa, Korea - and the USA. Mid has friend sin the industry ad how the fuck do you know Mid idn't from the US originally, you stupid stupid herb? So Mid thinks he has some knowledge on the hip hop scene, whereas YOU have never stepped awya from the faggot ass area in Manhattan where your dumb of a club is

Yeah, thats right - REPTARD XD

Now - fuck off, you dicknosed fucktard

And this:

Subject: RE: RE: fuck you
Body: Do the world a favor and slit your own throat, you piece of chav scum.

I have no reason to dicknose....I am not the worthless stupid piece of shit cunt known as a bouncer, am I? Hence my post

Furthermore you are a fat AMerican faggot so how in the FUCK do you know about chavs? And you have the chutzpah to ask Mid not to talk about hip hop?

Hyprocrites fury :D

Plus I have a full time job and more friend than you'll ever had. I am smart,m funny, happy, have tons of friends and dont have to kick people out of a clubs for a living

I'll slut your fucking face open for just being a bouncer. All buncers should be gassed accordingly. Because there is no lower scum than some spastic who can only get a job being a meathead who throws cunts out of clubs because he has no other talent for anything else. If talentless fags like you didn't exist, neither would bouncers. You heard it here first :lol:

Whtas kind of dicknosed fucktard accuses somebody of not being liked and hiding behind a computer screen? You know fuck all, Baldy - Shit! You don't even know if I'm male or female, so how the fuck can you accuse someone you ever met, you spastic no brained piece of shit?

Futhermore I get laid more than you, you have never seen my pic, (and with your face you dont have any right to call me ugly) so I dont think you're in any position to call me ugly at all

I am a borderline genius with an 161 IQ. You - a Manhattan bouncer with the intellect of a slipper. . . .for all the reasons I explained above

PS you need to shut the fuck up cos your breath stinks - now guess who said that dicknose and come back to me when you've got at least one thing right, you no-mark homeless piece of shit

I have learned a lot - I have been in jail - yet another thing a spastic like you doesnt know about - LEARNING FROM MISTAKES. So yes, I have had balls to say shit to their face

Come on and give e your address to your skank ass club you fucking worthless useless cunt - I can still contract you so my boy can hgave a place to sleep at night, so go right ahead you cuntflap

If I am illterate, then how the fuck do I know what 'chutzpah' means? To prove that the illiterate stupid fuck here really is (clue, he's a cuntass bouncer from GUIDO'S :lol:) try getting back to 'Sinister' without using Google

'if your names now down you're not coming in'

Retarded spastic - I've never had a days work in my life - you're right. Not for spouting that shite with that suprior faggot ass facial expression on your fat ass face when you throw someone out for wearing earrings. But I have worked for years in numerous job sthat actually make you somebody

Bouncer - you cant do nothing else but pretend to be all tough because you're too thick to do anything else shitburger

Yes, that's right - SHITBURGER


MySpace: It's not just for rapists anymore.