Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Fine. I'm enabling comments for a day. Satisfied? Happy now? You said you needed something to do at that shitbag job of yours, so here you go -- line after line of bouncer abuse to kill even more of your precious time.

What I figure is, I'll get this over with today so I don't have to hear about it ever again. I'll do what you want because I don't want to be worn down. I'll capitulate because I don't want to hear anything more on the subject. I'll acquiesce because I'm really a pussy, and that's how it goes. That's what pussies do. They cave. They throw in the towel. They know what they're up against, and they know they're beat, so they simply bend the fuck over and take it.

Which is what I'm doing here by restoring my comments section. But it's only back for a day. No more than that. And it's all because someone -- who shall remain nameless -- needs to be entertained.

So it's a free-for-all. Comment on anything you'd like. Pick a post you hate, or a post you love, and let the world -- or me, or one special pain in the ass who simply must have this today -- know how you feel.

And yeah, I already know. I'm an asshole. I'm pompous, egotistical, misogynistic, white trash, full of shit, not a real bouncer and I'm lucky to have a book deal. The lion's share of each blog entry is lifted directly out of my Thesaurus. And my friends and family all hate me because I "think who the fuck I am." You don't have to tell me any of these things, because I readily admit them all.

Have fun while it lasts, fucker.