Friday, May 05, 2006

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Hard to absorb all the "good points" he makes when he calls the customers, fools, jerkoffs, etc., etc.
...that aside
I think I am being singled out in lemme say:
I have extensive experience socially & professionally in ur buisiness. At the ripe age of 21 I MANAGED a weekly Hot 97 party (albeit in NJ) with an average crowd of about 1500 (capacity). As Manager I was in charge of a security staff of about 50 goons & off duty I think I am somewhat "in the know". This went on for years...and we all know how rough that crowd can be. And even the noble policemen would do a little side business...nature of the beast I'm afraid.
..with all that said...
If the point about the dough is stricly over "extras/favors" than more power to him... it's always been that way...always will. But, since he's such an "honest" guy who doesn't wanna risk his job or get in trouble....instead of demanding to be 'bout ya just say "NO"...PROBLEM SOLVED!! No fear of reprisal from tedious cash splitting at night's temtation to "steal" from management...or steal FOR them for that matter. No having to listen to annoying party goers beg for favors.
...of course ur pockets might be a bit lighter at the end of the night...but it's not about the money right...

Commendable that you're sticking to your guns, but I think you're a tad off base here, and disagreeing simply to disagree. Point by point, again:

1. Fools, jerkoffs, etc... If you've ever been in the business, you're well aware that this is how bouncers think of customers. My comments are about how I feel about the people coming up the line. Why should I pull any punches? It's a blog.

2. Your managerial experience: Dude, you said it all by stating you were a twenty-one year old managing a security staff of fifty guys, including some off duty cops. Now, I don't know you from a hole in the wall, but it's a tad delusional of you to think you were qualified to do this without any previous security experience. Bouncers listen to the head bouncer. They don't listen to the twenty-one year old who's not getting his hands dirty (not knowing if you did or didn't, but assuming, for argument's sake, that you didn't). Unless you're directing traffic in the center of a fight, you're not managing a security staff. Not the point, I suppose.

I'd be more willing to think you knew what you were talking about if you had simply said, "I've been a bouncer." If you haven't been a bouncer, you don't understand what we do unless you've gotten involved and found yourself, repeatedly, in the middle of situations where you could be injured. Or worse. Maybe you have. I don't know, but your claims don't really swing me around to thinking you're "in the know."

3. Saying "No": I guess if you're so brilliant on how the door setup works, you're the one who should be managing the club. Shoot me an email, and I'll have you come down on Saturday night and explain to my managers how to run their door. Here's how your proposed conversation would run:

"Listen, guys," I'd say. "I can't really shake people down at the door anymore, because I don't want all the complications."

"Okay, fine," they'd respond. "Go back into the club, grab a box, stand on it, and take a seventy-five percent pay cut."

Of course it's about the money. It's a fucking job.

And, quite frankly, you didn't read what I wrote carefully enough to disagree, because I covered the topic of refusing requests at length.

What I would suggest, if you're inclined to continue to play the contrarian, is to read the post several more times until you understand what the fuck I'm talking about.

Thank you.