Thursday, March 02, 2006

Off to Work

So, problems with coworkers. Problems with bouncers. Nothing new, that, and yet this might be the first time ever, in my bouncing 'career,' that anyone's ever accused me of lethargy on the box. I mean, fuck, I might not be Bruce Lee and shit, but the one thing I always have been is there.

Even with the book, I'm still good at this, so I'm not entirely sure what the motivation behind this is. Why do people talk? Why do they run their mouths? Why would you say something about me to someone you know is a good friend of mine? And why finger me, of all people? Odd.

So, we're about to find out. The situation is about to be dealt with, and we're going to get to the bottom of things as soon as I get to work. It's not going to wait.

Hey, I heard you had something to say about the way I conduct myself here. Care to share it with me in person?

And then we'll see. Now, I'm not looking for a fight, here. I'd rather it not even escalate into an argument. No. This is a lesson to a young guy who evidently hasn't learned how to make his way in the adult world just yet. This is a friendly chat to let him know that 'throwaway' lines aren't always thrown away. That things get back to people, and piss them off. Sometimes the wrong people.

Am I worried? No. Would I win? Yeah. Not the point, though. Not by a longshot. I'm too secure here. He throws a punch, I throw one back, and he's on the next bus home, not me, because I've got enough in the bank to have the backing of everyone in the club. So this'll be easy. Fish in a barrel.

See how things turn?