Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something Else

Fuck it. Here’s another product review. When I don’t have anything of interest to say, I’ll tell you about some of the useful things I’ve found recently that I like. This is stuff that’s made my life easier, helped me to be more productive, or made me look like I have more money than I actually do.

Here, then, is the Moshi Concerti iPad case:

This fucker is substantial, it stands your iPad at whatever angle you want, it closes like a book, and it has a strap that keeps it shut. It’s also black, and I like black and silver shit when it comes to my technology. This makes me feel like I’m in a William Gibson novel, especially when I’m in the airport, whatever the fuck that means.

I think I’ve deluded myself into thinking it makes me look less trashy.

I’ve tried three different iPad cases. This is the only one I’ve liked. I use my iPad for damned near everything—including, in combination with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, as a light-travel laptop—so I needed a solid case. I also didn’t want one that looked asinine or made me look like a pussy. Mission accomplished, maybe.

Get one of these. I found mine in some liberal store in San Francisco. When people root through your briefcase, your Moshi Concerti iPad case will make it look like you have important shit going on, and that’s what matters.