Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saw You Again

The better question, at least to me, is why you think it's okay to look at my personal website (which has nothing to do with the subject matter you should be working on) multiple times each day on company time.

"Please help me! He's writing stuff on his personal website!"

If you dislike me so much, why have you been checking my personal website multiple times every day (at work, on company time) since you've had your job? Why is that acceptable?

Grow up, you little half a man.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hey Dickhead

Stop reading my personal website. I have a tracking application called Statcounter. I know you looked at this site at 10:13 this morning. You've caused enough fucking problems. Leave well enough alone.

I'll do you a favor. Here's a summary of what might be said about you here in the future:

1. You're a pussy and a coward.

2. You suck at your job and have neither the intelligence nor the talent to ever get any better.

3. You're little more than a pussified little pain in the ass who'll never amount to jack shit.

There you go. Now go away before I actually start getting legitimately pissed off.