Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mailing It In

Last night was Cinco de Mayo – otherwise known, at least to me, as “Monday” – so I worked. It sucked, of course, because being surrounded by Guidos until three in the morning on a Monday night is not something I envisioned when I scored over 1500 on my fucking SAT back in 1948.

I have nothing of significance to report, other than the fact that there is a bartender where I work who’s not as hot as the other bartenders. She’s also not very nice, which doesn’t help her cause.

I commented on this to one of the other bouncers, who informed me that she’s known among the staff as “The Underdog.”

“Why do they call her The Underdog?” I asked.

“Because she ain’t got a chance in hell.”

Also, a guy paid me $100 to not throw him out, so I didn’t throw him out.

I’ll have a much better post for you tomorrow.